Our fees for 2020

Funding to support the Kindergarten's operation is achieved through a variety of fundraising activities, some Government grants, and fees paid by families whose children attend the Kindergarten. Our intention is to keep fees as affordable as possible whilst keeping the Kindergarten financially viable.

Please see the Fees Policy 2020 for summary information about our fees including when they are charged and the Kindergarten fee subsidy, as well as detailed information on how our fees are set and payment policies.

BUTTERFLIES (4 Year Old Group)

Deposit: $300 (see details below)
Fees: $850 per term
Refundable maintenance levy: $150 (see details below)

The 4 year old group is eligible for per capita funding from the State Government. The term fees listed above are what our parents are required to pay after State Government funding has been taken into account. An additional Kindergarten Fee Subsidy is available for eligible families, please refer to Attachment 1 Fee information for families within our Fees Policy 2020 for more information.

CATERPILLARS (3 Year Old Group)

Deposit: $300 (see details below)
Fees: $840 per term
Refundable maintenance levy: $150 (dee details below)

The 3 Year old group is privately run with no Government subsidy, and therefore the Committee sets the fees to cover the cost of running the group.


Parents/guardians are required to pay the fee deposit of $300 on offer of a place. This payment is retained and deducted from Term 4 fees. Payment will secure the child’s place in the kindergarten program. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of withdrawal or cancellation of a confirmed enrolment place.

Refundable Maintenance Levy

We ask all families to support our working bees, which help our kindergarten to look its best. A refundable Maintenance Levy of $150 will be charged as part of term 1 fees. This amount will be deducted from term 4 fees after parents have attended a 3-hour working bee.


Not all service costs are covered by DET per capita funding and the fees charged. We fundraise to meet the balance and/or pay for additional items for the service. Whilst participation in fundraising is voluntary, the support of every family is encouraged. It's also a great way for families and communities to come together.

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