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The story behind the Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten logo...

Our tagline Belong, Grow, Blossom is consistent with the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia reflected in their tagline ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

Belong reflects the connectedness of relationships. We aim to teach the children that they do not only belong to their family, they also belong to a community, and to learning and social groups outside the family. We want to encourage their participation in life and the opportunities presented to them.

Grow reflects our aim to give each child the space and encouragement to develop at their own pace and in their own way.

Blossom reflects something more than learning and developing; this is about having the confidence to be who you are. This comes from nurturing, encouragement, and the opportunity to develop and explore unique interests and strengths. We aim to provide a happy, nurturing and safe environment so each child can blossom.

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Our logo's meaning...

The hand
The green of the flower stems represent a little hand reaching out to explore – again a great representation of the need to encourage and nurture each child’s unique desire to learn.

The flowers
We see the central flower representing the child and the smaller flowers representing the availablilty of opportunities around them.

The dominance of the word ‘Kindergarten’ has been developed to help overcome some of our location limitations being hidden behind a variety of other community destinations. This focus on Kindergarten will strengthen the clarity of our message on signage around the property.

The colours
Bright, happy and contemporary colours reflect the environment we wish to create.

Our Cherry Blossom Tree

Much of this branding is linked to a story about our Cherry blossom tree. Stories are a great way to share and link messages in any communication.

The blossom flower in our logo and the word ‘blossom’ in our tagline link to our beloved Cherry Blossom tree in the playground. We saw a beautiful fit between the blossoming of our tree and the blossoming of the children. We discovered the  story of the day the teacher picked the cherries off the tree with the children. They collected them in baskets and then together, they baked Cherry Pies. This story is typical of our approach to learning – finding creative and real life ways of teaching through shared experiences. Opportunities to learn are not always planned but where an interest and opportunity arise, we allow ourselves the freedom to follow it and learn from it.

Guidelines on the appropriate use of the Kinder's logo and brand are available in the Family Log-in area, on the 'Forms and other useful documents' page.

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