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Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten was established in 1947 and whilst many changes have occurred over the years it has maintained its focus as a leading educational facility for young children. The kindergarten rooms provide opportunities for many varied learning experiences to operate at the same time.

1 - One of our playrooms 

Our two main playrooms are used concurrently each session and give the children opportunities for group play, some large and some small as well as space for individuals to work on their own. The children have time to play in their own ways, to be active, to learn in context and to constantly practise their skills. The rooms are flexible so that spaces can be rearranged to reflect the children’s current interests. Our separate music room is well resourced with a large selection of instruments and props and gives the staff the opportunity for whole group experiences or, where appropriate, smaller more specialised learning based activities.

2 - A table display showing sea shells

8 - Dress up costumes and table with tea party setting

Our outdoor play space is north facing and very private. It has plenty of winter sun to brighten the colder months and a wonderful cherry tree which inspires us to observe the changing seasons throughout the year. This tree provides a wonderful harvest of fresh cherries in November which the children consume in copious quantities and use to make cherry pie. It is this tree which inspired our kindergarten tag – Belong, Grow, Blossom. Our ever-growing vegetable gardens provides delicious lettuce, tomatoes and a varied range of herbs.

Our playground gives children the opportunity to develop a range of gross motor skills such as climbing, balancing and coordination and it provides many chances for children to use their imaginations and inspire each other to build and change the spaces. We have a wonderful track around the playground to walk, ride and explore along with 2 large sandpits to dig in.

4 - Our tree


5 - Our cubby house


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