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At Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten we pride ourselves on the provision of a quality pre-school service within a nurturing, inclusive and stimulating environment.  A community based kindergarten run by a committee of past and current parents, our program is underpinned by a belief in growth through imaginative play and the joy of music and stories.

We have been established and operating on the same premises since 1947 which has enabled us to develop a rich history and invaluable links with our local community. At the same time we take pride in the fresh and current learning environment provided to our children and our forward-thinking pre-school program.  A testament to our place in the community, coupled with our ability to stay current, is the past Canterbury Norwood students who have now had their own children go through the kindergarten!

 With just one group each of three and four year old students, children and their parents are able to foster healthy relationships with our teachers and assistants and, of course, other families within our kinder community. The stability of our teaching staff is a great asset to our kinder and enhances our ability to provide children with the confidence, emotional security and skills to learn positive social interaction and reach their full potential.

Broadly, our program goals are for the children to:

- Develop a sense of their personal uniqueness and social selves.
- Experience an environment which nurtures their emotional well being and respects their individuality.
- Develop a positive attitude to learning; where their play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised.
- Develop both verbal and non-verbal communication skills for a range of purposes.
- Discover different ways to be creative and expressive.
- Experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures.
- Gain confidence in and control of their bodies.
- Learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning.
- Develop working theories for making sense of the living, physical and material worlds.
- Feel comfortable with the routines, rituals and regular events, and to know the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour.
- Have the opportunity to learn with and alongside others.

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