1.What is the age/birth date cut off for acceptance into the 3 or 4 year old program?

Children are eligible to enrol at kindergarten if they turn 3 before the 30th April however, children are not able to start sessions until their 3rd birthday as different staff /child ratios apply for children under 3.  We strongly recommend that families wishing to enrol children whose birthdays are between February and April speak to staff at the kindergarten to assess the needs of individual children. Children are only eligible for one year of three year old kindergarten under the Central Enrolment System and one funded year of 4 year old kindergarten except in exceptional circumstances so an early enrolment for a 3 year old child, may lead to issues regarding enrolment at school later on.  

2. Can I come and have a look at your Kinder prior to submitting my enrolment form?

We welcome all families to visit our Kindergarten to have a look prior to making your decision about which Kindergarten to enrol in. Families are welcome to our Open Day which is held in May each year. Alternatively all families are welcome to contact us to organise a time to look around the Kindergarten, meet our teachers, children and families. It is important for parents to feel comfortable with the centre and staff if they are going to leave their most precious possessions in our care.   

3. Is there a long wait list for this Kindergarten?

Enrolments are completed through the City of Boroondara central enrolment scheme. For further details on the enrolment procedure and priorities visit our Enrolments page.  

4. How do I enrol in this Kindergarten?

All families interested in attending the Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten need to apply through the City of Boroondara central enrolment scheme. Enrolments are taken for any child who has turned two.  For further details on the enrolment procedure and priorities visit our Enrolments page.

5. What sort of involvement is expected from the parents if our children come to this Kindergarten?

At Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten we believe that children’s needs are best met when parents and teachers work together to achieve learning outcomes. Parent’s insights and perspectives about their child helps the staff develop the educational program. The centre is managed by a volunteer parent committee and all families are asked to join or to assist at the kindergarten in some way. Families attend two fruit duty sessions per term where they provide a fruit snack for the group and assist with the program for the day. Parents are also rostered for one Saturday working bee each year. There are further opportunities for families to mix with the kinder community through bbq’s, mothers morning tea, fathers evenings, grandparents days, teddy bear picnic in the park and a number of fundraising activities.

6. Which primary schools do most of the children from this Kinder go onto?

There are several state primary schools surrounding the Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten, all with strong reputations. Balwyn Primary, Canterbury Primary and Chatham Primary Schools due to their close proximity are three of the most popular schools as well as the local catholic schools.

7.  Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend your 3 year old Kinder group?

Parents are encouraged to toilet train their children for day time before they start kindergarten.  We do acknowledge that all children have different needs and develop at different rates and this is not always possible.  Staff would do their best to ensure that toilet training is maintained at the kindergarten. Parents are welcome to discuss and concerns that they may have about toilet training with our staff.

If you have any further questions please contact us

8. Does the kindergarten follow a Baptist program?

Canterbury Norwood Kindergarten derives the name from a long standing association with the Baptist Church whom which we share some facilities with. We are infact a non-denominational kindergarten and welcome all cultures and religions.

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